70's HitMakers


ABSTRACT Entertainment proudly presents Britain's 70's Music Legends in Concert

"70's HitMakers"


RICHARD GOWER's RACEY "Runaround Sue", "Boy Oh Boy", "Lay Your Love On Me", "Some Girls"
THE RUBETTES Featuring ALAN WILLIAMS "Sugar Baby Love", "Juke Box Jive"
PAPER LACE Featuring PHIL WRIGHT "The Black-Eyed Boys", "The Night Chicago Died", "Billy Don't Be A Hero"
Touring NOVEMBER 2017

Three of Britain's highly-successful Pop Groups of the Seventies are touring Australia together on the Same Bill in November 2017, proudly presented by ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT. They include Original RICHARD GOWER's RACEY, whose hits included "Baby It's You", "Lay Your Love On Me", "Some Girls", "Boy Oh Boy", "Runaround Sue", "Such A Night" - earning them 35 Gold, Silver and Platinum Sales Awards; Glam Rock group THE RUBETTES featuring ALAN WILLIAMS, had a Worldwide No.1 hit with their hugely famous pop classic "Sugar Baby Love", followed by a quick succession by a further 15 International Hits including "Tonight", "Juke Box Jive", "I Can Do It", and "Baby I Know" to name but a few; and finally the Original 70's group PAPER LACE featuring PHIL WRIGHT, who launched themselves on the Entertainment scene and started studio recording singles until 1974 with "Billy Don't Be A Hero", "The Night Chicago Died", "The Blackeyed Boys", "Hitchin' A Ride 74", "So What If I Am" and two Albums made up the 30,000,000 plus U.K record sales achieved by this fantastic hit pop and rock band.



On their return to the U.K from Denmark RACEY was spotted by famous Record Company Producer Mickie Most whilst playing at the Three Queens Pub. Despite the fact that 1977 was the height of punk rock boom and clean-cut bands were considered unfashionable, Mickie Most was impressed by the bands live performance and original songs and signed them to his R.A.K label. The summer of 1978 saw the release of RACEY's first single "Baby It's You". Although the single had some critical acclaim, radio stations were reluctant to programme the song and it only reached the lower end of the charts. In November 1978, the band second single "Lay Your Love On Me" was released and became an enormous Christmas hit. It sold over 950,000 copies in the U.K alone. It went on to become a chart hit all over Europe and a No.1 hit in Australia and New Zealand. In March 1979 RACEY released their next single "Some Girls", a song written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, who originally had written the song for Debbie Harry and Blondie but following the success of "Lay Your Love On Me" wanted RACEY to record the song instead. The song became a massive hit for RACEY reaching No.1 in 12 countries, eventually selling over 7,000,000 copies worldwide. The song is still a favourite with Radio Stations worldwide. The bands first album "Smash And Grab" was released in 1980 and sold over 1,000,000 copies reaching No.1 in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and many other European countries. It reached the accolade of Treble Platinum status in Australia where it remains one of the best-selling albums of all time. RACEY eventually earned 35 Gold, Silver and Platinum Sales Awards. During the early 1980's RACEY continued their run of hit singles including "Boy Oh Boy", "Such A Night" and "Runaround Sue". In 1983 Tony Basil recorded the RACEY song "Kitty" and re-named it "Mickie" and made it a worldwide hit single. By the mid-1980's the bands initial success had run its course, so the band decided to take a break to concentrate on other activities, Mickie Most then signed RICHARD GOWER to R.A.K Publishing as a songwriter of great success with over 30 songs published and recorded by such artists as Kandidate, Smokey, Suzi Quatro and Hot Chocolate. Hot Chocolate had a worldwide Top 10 single with "I Gave You My Heart". Website: www.raceyweb.com


Original THE RUBETTES members ALAN WILLIAMS, JOHN RICHARDSON and MICK CLARKE at the start of the millennium reformed together as THE RUBETTES featuring ALAN WILLIAMS - a necessary distinction for a virtually all Original Band. In 1974 Glam Rock group THE RUBETTES has a worldwide No.1 with their now hugely famous pop classic "Sugar Baby Love" followed in quick succession by a further 15 International Hit Records including "Tonight", "Juke Box Jive", "I Can Do It" and "Baby I Know" to name but a few. THE RUBETTES remained at the top throughout the 1970's where with 8 albums they achieved record sales in excess of 30-Million placing them amongst the most prolific chart toppers of the 1970's having more hit records in the shortest amount of time than any other band. THE RUBETTES were a very 'Live' band and toured extensively thrilling audiences wherever they went. Their performances on TV, Radio and in Concert left all in no doubt of the talent and musical abilities that has never left them or those who will always have a place in their hearts for THE RUBETTES now firmly established in History as Icons of Rock n' Roll. When THE RUBETTES stopped touring in the early 1980's, ALAN WILLIAMS concentrated on a solo career achieving some recognition in Europe before eventually in 1983 going "back on the road" with THE RUBETTES and it was he at the start of the millennium who finally persuaded JOHN RICHARDSON to return to his rightful place as the drummer after an absence of almost 20 years. Website: www.rubettes.com

PAPER LACE Featuring Original Singer/Drummer PHIL WRIGHT

In 1967 singer/drummer PHIL WRIGHT came together with a Bass player Cliff Fish, to play in a local band, a year later they decided on a new name to mark a fresh start and PAPER LACE was born. They launched themselves onto the entertainment scene and started recording singles such as "You Can't Touch Me", "I've Got You That's Enough For Me" and The Bee Gees composition "The Morning Of My Life" to no real success. In 1973, the U.K TV Talent show "Opportunity Knocks" became the first real break for this extraordinary vocal harmony band - whilst winning the Public's postal vote five times and so appearing on the TV Show for a total of 6 weeks in succession, they were spotted by hit song writers Mitch Murray and Peter Callender and their recording career took flight. In 1974 "Billy Don't Be A Hero". "The Night Chicago Died", "The Blackeyed Boys", "Hitchin' A Ride 74", "So What If I Am" and two albums made up the 30,000,000 plus U.K record sales. Internationally "The Night Chicago Died" reached No.1 on the American Charts, giving the band Platinum Disc status for sales in excess of 2,000,000 in the U.S, winning the title of "the largest selling Single of 1974 worldwide. A consequence of this achievement they were invited to perform and meet, HRH The Queen Mother at the 1974 Royal Command Performance at The London Palladium. Record sales multiplied in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and Spain and the albums earned them Gold Discs. They toured extensively until the mid-1980's, when musical differences dictated a parting of the ways with Cliff Fish. Following a wave of requests from the entertainment business, the fan base and the general public, into the possibility of the original PAPER LACE returning to the music scene. So there you have it, four huge talents, two originals and two new guys bringing you the unique, totally live, authentic 70's sound of PAPER LACE.

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