Lionel Midford Publicity has worked on over 41 Feature Films in the capacity of Unit Publicist:

1. “The Pact” (2002)
Starring Sigrid Thornton, Robert Mammone and Peter O’Brien
Director: Strath Hamilton

2. “The Finder” (2001)
Starring Simon Westaway, Allison Cratchley, Paul Mercurio, Dieter Brummer and Anja Coleby
Director: Frank Shields

3. “Rough Diamonds” (1994)
Starring Jason Donovan, Angie Milliken and Peter Phelps
Director: Donald Crombie

4. “Signal One” (1994)
Starring Christopher Atkins, Virginia Hey and Mark Jackson
Director: Rob Stewart

5. “Exchange Lifeguards” (1993)
Starring Christopher Atkins, Elliott Gould, Rebecca Cross, Mark Hembrow and Julian McMahon
Director: Maurice Murphy

6. “Fatal Bond” (1992)
Starring Linda Blair, Jerome Ehlers, Donal Gibson and Joe Bugner
Director: Vincent Monton

7. “Kink In The Picasso” (1991)
Starring Peter O’Brien, Jane Menz, Jane Clifton and Andrew Daddo
Director: Marc Gracie

8. “Flynn” (1991)
Starring Guy Pearce and Rebecca Rigg
Director: Frank Howson

9. “Hunting” (1991)
Starring John Savage, Kerry Armstrong, Rebecca Rigg and Guy Pearce
Director: Frank Howson

10. “Beyond My Reach” (1990)
Starring Teri Garber, Nicholas Hammond, Alan Fletcher and David Roberts
Director: Dan Burstall

11. “What The Moon Saw” (1990)
Starring Pat Evison, Danielle Spencer, Andrew Shepherd and Kim Gyngell
Director: Pino Amenta

12. “Heaven Tonight” (1990)
Starring John Waters, Rebecca Gilling, Kim Gyngell and Guy Pearce
Director: Pino Amenta

13. “Sons Of Steel” (1989)
Starring Dasha Blahova, Ros Wason, Rob Hartley and Mark Hembrow
Director: Gary L.Keady

14. “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” (1988)
Starring John Waters, Kim Gyngell, Penelope Stewart and Nicki Paull
Director: Pino Amenta

15. “Breaking Loose: Summer City II” (1988)
Starring Peter Phelps, Vince Martin, David Ngoombujarra and Abigail
Director Rod Hay

16. “Howling III: The Marsupials” (1987)
Starring Dasha Blahova, Barry Otto, Imogen Annesley, Frank Thring
Director: Philippe Mora

17. For Film Australia - Bruce Petty's “The Movers” (1986)
Starring Drew Forsythe and Lorne Lesley
Director: Gil Brealey

18. “Death Of A Soldier” (1986)
Starring James Coburn, Reb Brown, Bill Hunter, Maurie Fields and Max Fairchild
Director: Philippe Mora

19. “The Winds Of Jarrah” (1984)
Starring Terence Donovan, Susan Lyons, Steve Bisley and Martin Vaughan
Director: Mark Egerton

Lionel Midford Publicity has handled the Publicity and Promotion on over 20 Theatre Productions:

1. “Godspell”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions)

Starring Chris Truswell, Ian Williams, David McLeod,Tracey Case, Avigail Herman, Susan-Ann Walker, Libby Clarke, Nicholas Ryan and John Simpson.

2. “Lettice And Lovage”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions)

Starring June Salter, Judi Farr and May Turner

3. “The Winslow Boy”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions)

Starring Denis Olsen, Dinah Shearing, Gabriel Andrews, Mary Acres and Stuart Wagstaff

4. Cole Porter’s “A Swell Party”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams) Productions)

Starring Normie Rowe, Jenifer Green, Tony Harvey, Jackie Rees and Garry Scale

5. “Marina – Journey To The End”
(For Dasha Blahova & Carnivale)

Starring Dasha Blahova, Ivar Kants, Geoff Cartwright, Steve Coupe and Sue Wallace

6. “Shirley Valentine”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions)

Starring Amanda Muggleton

7. “Barmaids”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions)

Starring Noeline Brown and Joan Sydney

8. “Caravan”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions)

Starring Joanna Lockwood, Rebekah Elmaloglou, John Orscik, Katrina Foster, John Hannan and Doug Scroope

9. “Dames At Sea”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions

Starring Sue Walker, Jacqui Rae, Robyn Forsythe and Natalie Mosco

10. “Straight And Narrow”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions)

Starring June Bronhill, Garry Scale and Graham Harvey

11. “Oscar’s Turn To Sing”
(For Peter and Ellen Williams Productions)

Starring Sharon Millerchip, Jacqui Rae, Delia Hannah, Lisa Callingham, Angela Toohey, Karen Johnson and Leonie Page.

12. “Dangerous Obsession”
Starring Amanda Muggleton, John Stanton and Robert Coleby

13. “For The Love Of Alma - MAHLER”
(Sydney Opera House)

Written & Directed by Wendy Beckett, Music Director Ross Edwards. Starring Patrick Dickson and Sandra Eldridge

14. “I’m Not A Dentist”
(For Lawrence Jackson Productions)

Starring Henri Szeps

15. “Lawson – Demons And Dreams”
(For Grabbit & Runn Productions)

Starring Max Cullen with John Schumann & The Vagabond Crew