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Touring Nationally in OCTOBER 2019

One of the world’s leading traditional Flamenco players, Paco Peña will be bringing his Esencias tour to Australia in 2019. Paco Peña is part of the phenomenon that has transformed the perceptions around the world of Flamenco. He expands his horizons as a guitarist, composer, dramatist and producer, beautifying Flamenco with flamboyance, whilst remaining true to the essence of this traditional Spanish art form.

The Esencias Tour will comprise of a percussionist, singer, Flamenco dancer and guitarists from the Paco Peña Flamenco Dance Company. The show will truly inspire an audience of Flamenco lovers and first timers in an art form centuries old, yet relevant to today’s society. Paco Peña continues to dazzle audiences worldwide with his own virtuosity and the brilliance of his carefully selected company.

Audiences will be in for an evening that will leave them entertained and inspired.

ESENCIAS Headlining PACO PENA 2019 Tour Dates

Growing up in Córdoba all those years ago as a keen aficionado of the guitar and of flamenco, the greatest interest of my life was to dig as deep as I could into the art I loved and retrieve from it the best qualities and levels of expression; to really understand the meaning and message of the music and to attempt to reproduce it as well as the great artists of the time I so admired.

Myself and all the other young aspiring flamencos wilfully exposed ourselves to as much musical and emotional information as could possibly reach us. All aspects of the art, whether good or possibly less good or even mediocre, made big impressions on us.

The most essential qualities of flamenco were of course the most influential, the most life-changing in our ambitious journey - or maybe just our idealistic dream of becoming as good as our peers. Indeed, speaking personally, those are the qualities that have always remained guiding principles in my own commitment with the music; the ones that shape any characteristics that myself, or anyone else for that matter, might hopefully bring to the art.

The next stage on that fascinating journey is the professional platform. Here is where you come into contact, in real time, with the emotional activity that the music contains, where everyone is trying to develop their own voice to uniquely express whatever it is they want to say with their music and where everybody is equally eager to reach the best levels of performance. In that exciting environment, dealing with the materials that make the music alive, make it express and inspire, surrounded with all the talent and plus the wonder and admiration we all feel for the great players of the past, the discovery continues. You immerse yourself deep into the playing of those great traditional masters and ever more you feel the impact of their essence in the soul of the music.

It has been a rich trip indeed, full of content and wonder. And in my present show, “ESENCIAS”, which I proudly share with a few of my fellow travellers, I want to reminisce on the essence of the exciting journey it has been and on the vivid experiences it has contributed to our musical lives.

Tour Dates & Venue

Friday 4th October, 2019
Bookings: (03) 9699 3333
Saturday 5th October, 2019
Bookings: (02) 8256 2222
Sunday 6th October, 2019
Bookings: 132 849
Wednesday 9th October, 2019
Bookings: (02) 6283 7200
Friday 11th October, 2019
Bookings: 1300 795 012
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